The Depressed Teenage

First of all, I want to thank all those who read and supported my first blog. Being an upcoming writer, Support from all the wonderful readers is what all we need. Reviews are always welcomed.

Teenage. Every single human being has passed those age of Teens where, you are not a child anymore who could cry for the toys but also you are not an adult to judge others. Somehow you are being wanted to act tough, be smart and Matured, even though you can’t, also called The Transition stage of Human being. One could observe the pressure put up on every single teenager living in this era, what we call the New Generation!

 The World Health Organization stated that “Among two-third of Teenagers suffer Depression.” Its clear, they are not happy. Asking the question ‘Why’ to myself, the answer I could get was the lack of support, love and care from the parents and the society he/she live in. Like a black hole, the teenagers are squeezed, pressurized to be perfect. Failing to be so, they get depressed, arrogant or even much worse. 

Putting all the pressure and expectations upon the teens has been common. Blaming them when they couldnt achieve those, eventually lead to the depressed state of mind among the teens. It is always fine if teens couldnt score high marks all the time, afterall Men who couldnt study well had also been Legends!

Being in a stage of life where hormone growth are at its peak, emotions wander over the teenagers mind. Getting into relations and eventually breaking up and getting depressed is something most teenagers face.

Young boys and girls are just grown from their childhood. It is the time when they are to be guided to the right path, and there comes the role of parents. It is the time when they are to be given all the amount of love and support. It is the time to help them build a good character. And It is the time when parents should be the role models, appreciate what they achieve and make them understand the good and bad. Talking to them about what scoring marks and true love, is what that every elder have to make the teen understand.

Let the society give them the courage to deal with social problems and not compressing them emotionally to a stage where they wont feel interest in anything. Make them feel safe about the present life and teach how to deal with the future life problems, as there isn’t a life without a problem.

After all, Teens are the Future human beings. And for teen, Life is much colourful when they are on the right path with the right company. Love and Care is what all we need in Life and so do the teens.

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  1. This is amazing … I also believe that everyone should know that failure is part of life and you need to accept that. I have failed many times and even might fail even more but I served as a divisional head of a company and a teacher. This is how life is … I was kid who was always complained by my parents on everything I do , I never got appreciated for anything from any. Today I choose the path of teaching for the same reason, when a kid is appreciated and support on every task he/she does, the urge to do will wander in him/her.

    On the same note, I would have to say that this article is just word to word true. You have an amazing narrative tone. Keep writing!

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