And she hoped..

She smiled with hope
That she’d be happy ever
She trusted with hope
That she’d never be taken for granted
She loved with hope
That she’d be loved back the way she deserved

She slept with hope
That she’d wake up alive
She chased dreams with hope
That she’d realise those

She picked up herself with hope
That she’d be stronger than ever.
She lived with hope
That she’d flow through hard times

Poem written in collaboration with Varsha Nair. Follow her on instagram @the_colours_gallery


Poem attempt #2

​And she held his hand,

to walk him through childhood.

And she held his hand, 

to guide him through teenage.

And she held his hand,

to aid him through adulthood.

And she held his hand,

to take him through life.

Poem attempt #1

He proposed her on knees hoping she would say yes to him.

He hugged her by waist hoping she would stay close to him.

He kissed her on lips hoping she would never lie to him.

He loved her by heart hoping she would be with him.

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