‘The’ India

All might wonder why there is an added preposition ‘The’ in the title. Many, mostly Indians doubted about the prepositions in The United States and The United Kingdom and why not ‘The’ India a long ago.

India is a democratic, socialist, secular, republic country. It is a country in Asian continent which is the second most populated in the world. Diversified in nature, it is a place where all people irrespective of religion or language, rich or poor, white or black live. From Aryabhata to Abdul Kalam, India showed what real brains could do. Even though having all the developed and intelligent minds, India is still developing. 

Living in India is beautiful when spoken in perspective of its beauty. Ice caped mountains, sandy deserts, canopy forests, thick metropolitan cities, green villages and what not, India is a place where one could see the nature in its profound and complete beauty. But how beautiful is it from the inside? 

Child labour, rape, terrorism, black market, drug trafficking, religious violence, cyber crime and much more organized and non-organized crimes happen over this beautiful landscape. Crimes are common. Also, Constitutional rights are often denied for the common people in India. Being an Indian isn’t something to be proud of anymore as all might think. 

Its been 70 years since India got its independence from the British rule. Till then India fought irrespective of caste and creed where one saw the unity. What happened afterwards is what all Indians know. 

Money ruled over the country and the ones who had the power used to control it for their personal benefit. Pity that Political and religious crimes happen in a republic country. Rape and harrassment against women is still happening in a country where women are considered as goddesses, India. Children who needs education are being forcefully made to work for making money. The politicians who has to serve the country and help people are indulging in crimes for their advantage. People of different religions fight over each other. Judiciary and Law has become something humorous, who does nothing against a criminal. Its a land where money and terrorism prosper. 

Change, is what India need. The change in the views of people, the change on their mind about what unity could do, is what the country needs. People need to realise that change is within each one of them. We, the people should bring the change we wanted. We should demand our justice, our freedom and our right. The power to make India a better nation lies in each citizens.

As Charlie Chaplin in his movie Dictator, said:

The Kingdom of God is within man. Not one man nor a group of men but in all men. You, you the people have the power.

A writer did his part of expressing for his country, for a better tomorrow. But have you? Its your time to change now. Next time when you throw a waste, put it in a dust-bin. Next time when you feel like wasting money, give it to someone who is poor and in need. Next time when you feel like harrassing anyone, consider them as someone who is in your home. We can’t expect a transformation when we aren’t ready to change.

Before concluding, consider this as something for every human out there living. 

We are all lucky to have a life. So be good, do good and feel good.

Also, my respect to all the militarymen who are protecting our nation and our lives every moment. 



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