Poem attempt #4

And she goes, though she wanted to stay.
And she goes, somewhere far away.
And she goes, with tear in her eye.
And she goes, without a good bye.


Feminism today

Feminism, a movement started to support women’s rights on the basis of equality of sexes. But what feminism projects today has changed over the past decade.

It began as a movement to fight for economic independence, political suffrage and personal autonomy of women. It focused on establishing educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to men’s. The movement became progressive, continuing to fight for equality in both public and private lives.

Feminism today has expanded to include every definition of woman. There has been legislative changes and implementation of rights for safety, education, work and ownership of property. Over the recent years, the idea of feminism has varied from what it actually meant.

The movement is all about giving women their choice. But most doesn’t understand what feminism is anymore. Today, it has gone to a level where the activists started to insult and ignore women who have voluntarily chosen a low risk life & career including motherhood. Many women distanced themselves from the movement for the fear of being lumped in with the stereotype of a feminist, a woman who is too pushy and hates men. The feminist women of this era began to post topless selfies in social media under the guise of female empowerment tagged #FreeTheNipple. ‘This is bastardization of the feminism movement’, says Barbara Crow, Vice President of graduate studies at York University. 

The movement has changed into a different way from what it did in the past, that most feminists themselves made the term meaningless. Women are made to act superior to men by doing everything men does and to believe marriage is done just to make kids.

Feminism have to return to its roots if it actually wants to represent them. It has to stand boldly for the best oppurtunities for women. Just because some of the upper class women got the rights and freedom does not make the movement a victory. Once a feminist reach a certain level of independence, they then fight only for themselves. 

Women deserve freedom of choice – the choice of their principles, priorities and politics. The feminism movement have to focus more on their choices rather than suppressing men. Afterall, men are also the allies of feminists today. 

What feminism has to do is increase the feminine values in society and spread love, care & empathy in our modern world rather than exposing nudity for equality and triumph over men. Feminists should change the attitude of protest and have to move forward with what is moral and right. Feminism shouldn’t protest for the rights by doing everything a man does, as women are created by God to do what men can’t do. Being unique is the key. 

This doesn’t mean that the feminism today is something wrong, but the way of moving forward with feminism should take a different path. Time has changed along with the lifestyle and mindset of people. The activists must come forward to ensure education for every girl child, raise against the women abuse and respect men.

Each and every women have their unique beauty, and beauty lies in the heart. Men and women are created different to perform different roles to live their lives. There is no need for a women to imitate men as the elegance of women is defined by her exceptional character. Be who you are.

With all the respect and love to every women out there!

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