Trapped inside

Over night realisation for depression is not what the depressed people need. Profession help is required and in the case of India, we are lacking it. Moreover, Indian parents are unaware about the situation, and they wouldn’t know if their child is depressed.

Sharing doesn’t always help for a person suffering depression, and a few supportive verbal words not really works, for a person who has their mind on the edge of suicidal thought. Just the stories mentioning, ‘Talk to me, Ask for help’ doesn’t always help them.

And the most important point to be stressed, ‘THERE ISN’T ALWAYS A REASON TO FEEL DEPRESSED.’ They can’t express what their problem is to anyone, and feels nothing to share as well, though asked about the issue.

Even your brightest friend in the group, might be depressed, being alone at home, sitting in the room and having thoughts that could ruin the entire mental health of the person.
Moreover, they wouldn’t be in a position to ask for help.

Depressed people do need some one to listen what’s often untold but they lack words to express. Seeing them online at 2 am in nights doesn’t mean that they are happy surfing in social media, but finding a reason to escape. And they are hating themselves more than deserved.

Please be kind and stop sympathising them and, if possible be patient with them because they are hustling.

Amour imparfait

Relationships, at present, are depending on the quotes seen and posted in Social Media. Do we really have to depend on that and apply in our relations? Or are we matured enough to understand the values of love and partnership?

This is what I have been longing to write about and I guess, this is the time.

We are not living a fairy tale life, as we have our own ups and downs, struggling in many ways. And definitely not living a fairy tale love story, having a perfect relation.

It is a beautiful thing, to fall in love with someone, giving all the care from your heart, wishing to live a life with the partner till last breath, talk endlessly, have good sex, support & understand each other and stay beside no matter what happens.

Lately, people have started to leave or break off all of a sudden because their partner didn’t come up to their expectations and moves away to find a new one. True, we all expect, and especially when in love, we really do. But the real question is, have you tried to adjust with the partner and understand what they been through or going through before leaving them behind?

Everyone have their flaws, the emotions that they couldn’t control and the problems they have to face. We have to understand the fact that, noone is perfect in real world.

As long as there is trust, understanding, good communication and an ability to adjust to your partner, and you get the same back, your relationship will be fruitful.

There would be times when you both wont be able to make time for each other, and at those period, ego rises to the peak, and you feel things are slowly fading away. It is always best to communicate together about the busy schedule.

No one is anybody’s slave. Always love and respect your partner no matter what. There is no right to torture your partner mentally or physically.
Just Don’t be Kalippan and Kaanthaari.

Maybe, you were forced to be in the relation or loved so much to move forward together. As long as there is love in the heart and care for the soul, with an understanding mind, you both can live long happily together.

Be with the one who stays with you understanding your flaws. Be with the one with whom you feel comfortable with. Be with the one who you want to be with.

Love the ones who love and respect you back with all their heart, even when closer in a room or miles apart. Be comfortable being in relation with each other, and open up your mind whenever you feel to.

No matter what the quotes on Social Media says, believe in your love and your self. We are not living in an ideal world and we have our own imperfections. Understand it, and continue living a life, happily.

Just don’t be in a relation just for the sake of having one, or to cheat, or just to have a lustful treat.

And if, you really cannot stand beside your partner, it is always best to break up the realtion and move on taking care of your mental health, rather than breaking them and yourself. If it fails, let it.

But first, love yourself!

What a feeling!

You took me to cloud nine,
With that smile on your face, and love on heart,
Giving me such a beautiful feeling,
A feeling that I can never forget ever in life.

You loved me in every way possible,
Making my heart beat everytime for you.
You have spread all over my mind,
As I can’t spend a day without thinking of you.

Such a beautiful feeling it is,
To love and to be loved,
To make me believe that real love exist,
By the best person I could have in my life.

And now, I want to live longer as possible
To see that smile you give me, make you happy
Make you feel the same as what I felt, that love
and live with you, happily ever after.


What have we earned
With the ego
Being inhumane to every being?

What have we earned
With the feminism
Being suppressive to men in every way?

What have we earned
With the terrorism
Having many murdered brutally?

What have we earned
With the possessions
Acquired illicitly from others?

What have we earned
With the life
Living till date without humanity?

Are we still satisfied with what we have earned?

Love in the rain

A morning so cold,
As the rain poured
Making its way,
down into the hearts

A blanket was shared,
As the couple cuddled
Feeling the warmth
their body needed

A love being made,
As the sensual time shared
Getting intimate, making
Love in the rain

Blanket of love

A stormy downpour,
Scented fragrance of earth

The night was still
Young and wild

An ambience much expected
And they found love
Lying under the blanket.


Poet’s ink flowed,
from the heart of pen,
onto the soul of paper.

Words moved ahead,
along the hearts of love,
touching the soul of readers.

Short story #1

The couple decided to buy chocolates. This time not for each other, but for those children who haven’t had one before.


Wild things

He held her tight enough
Laying his hands around her
Pulling her closer towards him

He kissed her deep enough
Feeling her tongue inside
Locking their lips for long

He pushed her hard enough
Against the wall in the room
Holding her leg tight and wide

He loved her long enough
Making love with each other
Living every moment together

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