The Beginning

Iam Gokul Rajendran, currently pursuing my Bachelors in Aeronautic Engineering.

Everything has a beginning, even Our World started with a Big bang. And here I welcome you to beginning of my blogs.

The reason I started this is, because of the passion I have towards writing. Being a Geminian I suppose, I do make creative write-ups about anything that comes to my mind. And I believe, there is something hidden in every living being.

This is the First time Im actually trying a blog, So I wish for all the support from the readers.

The Blogs published by me might be Small or Large, Serious or Humorous, Patriotic or Rebellious, Feminist or Masculist. Reviews and Suggestions to make my blogs better are always welcomed.

Thank You!

Featured post


Poet’s ink flowed,
from the heart of pen,
onto the soul of paper.

Words moved ahead,
along the hearts of love,
touching the soul of readers.

Short story #1

The couple decided to buy chocolates. This time not for each other, but for those children who haven’t had one before.


Wild things

He held her tight enough
Laying his hands around her
Pulling her closer towards him

He kissed her deep enough
Feeling her tongue inside
Locking their lips for long

He pushed her hard enough
Against the wall in the room
Holding her leg tight and wide

He loved her long enough
Making love with each other
Living every moment together

Taking you forever

Im going to take you forever
To a world of you and me
Loving each other till the end
Keeping our hearts safe among us.

Im going to take you forever
To wander through different cities
Holding your hands tight
Walking along the paths of love.

Im going to take you forever
To my deepest part of heart
Beating every moment for you
Pumping love throughout the body.

And she hoped..

She smiled with hope
That she’d be happy ever
She trusted with hope
That she’d never be taken for granted
She loved with hope
That she’d be loved back the way she deserved

She slept with hope
That she’d wake up alive
She chased dreams with hope
That she’d realise those

She picked up herself with hope
That she’d be stronger than ever.
She lived with hope
That she’d flow through hard times

Poem written in collaboration with Varsha Nair. Follow her on instagram @the_colours_gallery

Poem attempt #4

And she goes, though she wanted to stay.
And she goes, somewhere far away.
And she goes, with tear in her eye.
And she goes, without a good bye.

Poem attempt #2

​And she held his hand,

to walk him through childhood.

And she held his hand, 

to guide him through teenage.

And she held his hand,

to aid him through adulthood.

And she held his hand,

to take him through life.

Poem attempt #1

He proposed her on knees hoping she would say yes to him.

He hugged her by waist hoping she would stay close to him.

He kissed her on lips hoping she would never lie to him.

He loved her by heart hoping she would be with him.

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